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Survival Gear

If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step towards preparing yourself and your family for an emergency. Many people neglect the opportunity to prepare for disasters, thinking that they will have time to do it later on or that something like that will never happen to them. The truth is that when a disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.

At Fuller Survival Products, you can purchase essential survival gear, like first aid kits and emergency food, to ensure that you are always ready for anything. We can work with any budget to help you build your emergency preparedness supply at your own pace. These high-quality supplies can be viewed and purchased directly from our site and shipped anywhere in the world.

First Aid Kits

Adequate medical supplies are an integral part of a complete emergency preparedness plan. Take a moment and think how often you reach to your first aid kit or medicine cabinet to find bandages, aspirin, sunscreen, and other items. This number is probably much higher if you have children. During a disaster, you likely won’t be able to go to a place where you can buy supplies like these. We sell first aid kits to make sure you have all the supplies you will need during an emergency.

You never know where you might be when a disaster occurs so it is best to be prepared for anything. We make it easy for you to buy multiple first aid kits so you can have one available in your home, car, work, or anywhere else. Check out our Shop to view our Tallahassee first aid kits and available supplies. 

Emergency Food

It’s very important that your home has a sufficient emergency food storage family to sustain your entire family during any disaster. Fuller Survival Products has an incredible selection of freeze-dried entrées that can be prepared in minutes by adding water and heating. Options range from fruits and vegetables to meat and pasta. Our emergency food is designed to help your family maintain proper nutrition, no matter what the circumstances are.

If you want to purchase emergency food, you have several options available. You start with pouches that can feed your family for a few days and work your way up to buckets to help you survive for up to a year. No matter what you would like to purchase, we can ship your items directly to you within a few days. 

Request a Quote

Ready to get started with your emergency food storage and supplies? Just visit our Request a Quote page and let us tell you the price you can expect to pay to receive your desired survival gear. You can also contact us at any time by calling (337) 356-6099. Or stop by our showroom at 19168 NW U.S. HWY 441, High Springs, Florida, 32643. (By appt only)

We’d love to make sure that you and your family are always prepared for any type of emergency.


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